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For more than 30 years, we have assisted engineers to optimize their time, reduce their cost and advance their technology.

Rototest – the company

Founded in January 1988, Rototest was established by a group of engineers with solid experience in product development in the vehicle industry. After a few years, devoted to intense development and testing, Rototest pioneered the market by introducing the world’s first hub-coupled dynamometer.

Since then, Rototest has evolved into a test system supplier with a reputation and quality recognized by its eminent customers. With an ongoing dedication to improve the technology and a wholehearted belief in the value of long-term R&D investments, Rototest’s experienced team, knowledgeable in both product development and testing techniques, constantly work to improve designs.

Detailed and active participation by the owners provides the customer with a contact point and a management overview of development and production programs. Rototest’s management is always available and participates in key program milestones when appropriate.

In the latter part of 2023, TOYO Corporation acquired Rototest, marking a strategic pivot towards accelerated global growth and innovation. The move underscores TOYO’s steadfast commitment to leading the development of advanced vehicle testing solutions, thereby enhancing its capacity to serve a global clientele with increased efficiency and ingenuity.

As it was in the beginning, Rototest’s company culture is one in which full employee participation is encouraged. The company pursues a policy of recruiting the best thinkers, building a deep pool of talent in the process. Once part of the team, Rototest’s employees are encouraged to innovate, share ideas, and work together to propel the company into the future.

Rototest test solutions has won great approval over the years and is today used by many of the world’s renowned industrial companies in more than 25 countries across North America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

  • High quality components from ABB
  • Pre-commissioned system before delivery
  • 6 months delivery time
  • One week onsite commissioning and operational training


TOYO Corporation of Japan acquires Rototest.


The ROTOTEST Natural Steering is introduced that enables steering force feedback while operating the dynamometers.


Rototest introduces its new high dynamic controller, the ROTOTEST HDC for its ROTOTEST Energy range.


Rototest receives a second award from Frost & Sullivan for global product leadership.


Rototest receives an award from the market analysis firm Frost & Sullivan.


The ROTOTEST Energy is launched. The company’s first fully regenerative hub-coupled dynamometer.


The ROTOTEST VPA-RX is launched with power capacity beyond 1000 HP.


The company’s first product, the ROTOTEST APG is installed with Toyota Motorsport for development of their rally car.


The company is formed with the aim to commercialize the Swedish patented dynamometer that couples directly to the drive wheels.