The ROTOTEST Energy system gives you multiple ways to efficiently provide a testing environment for ADAS functionality calibration and validation thanks to it modular use structure.

ROTOTEST in ADAS applications

One of the megatrends in the global automotive industry today is autonomous driving although it may take time until we see the major part of vehicles sold to be fully self-driving. Meanwhile, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) play a crucial role for the medium-term reality of cars taking over control from drivers.  ADAS integrate multiple sensors and control systems to decide action and control the vehicle. A system commonly includes sensors such as radar and camera and integration with several electronic control modules such as powertrain, brakes and steering.

Advance Driver Assistance Systems

ADAS include a range of functions commonly referred to by their acronym such as ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control), AEB (Automatic/Autonomous Emergency Braking) and LKA (Lane Keep Assist) to mention a few. Functions are continuously added with a growth rate that is rapidly increasing as new sensors and technologies become available. Each ADAS function has its own calibration process that requires calibration of decision-to-action and usually specifically for each vehicle drivetrain configuration. A substantially time consuming and resource intensive process when conducting calibration on road as it may require multiple vehicles, drivers and engineers.

100% flexibility on vehicle model use

Transferring from road to lab has potential time savings in the range of 50 all the way up to 80% thanks to, among multiple reasons, the possibility for test sequence optimization commonly impractical or even impossible on road. The ROTOTEST Energy system provides multiple ways to efficiently provide a testing environment for ADAS functionality calibration and validation thanks to its modular use structure. Regardless of whether the ADAS function can use the road correlated, time-saving and integrated vehicle model or requires a higher fidelity model for complex scenarios both use case are fully supported and provides a cost and resource optimized testing environment.

In short  ROTOTEST systems gives you:
  • Capability to integrate with other systems such as HiL and ViL to test complete ADAS functionality.
  • Flexibility in configuration to support sensor fusion tests (e.g. radar, lidar, camera).
  • Ability to conduct high dynamic tests  with fast and accurate response. to support ADAS functions such as AEB.
  • Functionality to support steering with force feedback without any modification of the vehicle.

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