The ROTOTEST Energy enables you to efficiently conduct realistic and precise high dynamic maneuvers with outstanding repeatability.

ROTOTEST in Driveability applications

High dynamic manoeuvres such as WOT (Wide Open Throttle) standing start is traditionally only conducted on road. With high torque output, and a requirement for good tire grip conditions, traditional roller dynamometers are unsuitable due to excessive and non-representative wheel slippage. The ROTOTEST Energy dynamometer is specifically designed for the torque and speed levels experienced during on-road testing, including high dynamic manoeuvres such as WOT acceleration, gear shifting and hard braking.

Integrated vehicle model

The road correlated, integrated vehicle model of the ROTOTEST Energy system with its time saving, intuitive and quick to set-up interface provide customers with a clear path to transfer its driveability testing from road to lab. Transferring from road to lab has potential time savings in the range of 50 up to 80% thanks to among other things the possibility for test sequence optimization commonly impractical or even impossible on road. Together with the cost saving feature of above ground, floating installation, the ROTOTEST Energy system provides a quick and evident return-of-investment.

In short ROTOTEST systems gives you:
  • Ability to test high dynamic maneuvers such as WOT, gear shifting and hard braking
  • Simplicity in use, even for complex powertrains, thanks to an Integrated Vehicle model replicating real road driving.
  • Time savings when optimizing test sequences in a lab.
  • Flexibility to perform advanced driveability tests.
  • Unique functionality to support steering with force feedback without any modification of the vehicle.

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