HiL / ViL

The ROTOTEST dynamometers fully supports you the development process


The HiL (Hardware-in.the-Loop) and ViL (Vehicle-in-the-Loop) both refer to similar approaches where hardware is combined with simulated stimuli or conditions. In the HiL case it can be a single ECU that works together with the rest of an virtual vehicle being simulated. In the ViL case the hardware is the vehicle and the conditions such as driver, road, infrastructure, and/or traffic is simulated.

Multiple interfaces

A typical dynamometer Vehicle-in-the-Loop application is in ADAS development. Here the vehicle’s powertrain is for instance to react to external stimuli such as its radar and detect objects such as other vehicle travelling in front of it during use of ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control). The ROTOTEST Energy system fully supports ViL applications through it multiple interfaces with external models and real-time hardware. See also ADAS application.

In short ROTOTEST systems gives you:
  • Capability to integrate with other systems such as HiL and ViL to test complete functionality.
  • Flexibility in configuration to support sensor fusion tests (e.g. radar, lidar, camera).
  • Ability to conduct high dynamic tests with fast and accurate response.
  • Functionality to support steering with force feedback without any modification of the vehicle.

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