Intelligent Vehicles

The ROTOTEST Energy enables you to design testing environments to optimize your development of intelligent and connected vehicles.

Intelligent Test System

Intelligent and connected vehicles require intelligent test systems. The need of replicating true road and driving behavior in order to test, fine tune and validate the vehicle’s sensors and control systems are essential. The ROTOTEST Energy powertrain dynamometer offers unique functionality such as natural steering with force feedback, individual wheel control and a 14 degrees of freedom (DOF) vehicle model to meet such demands. These are important cornerstones in developing functions for ADAS and autonomous driving.

Open connectivity

OEMs may need to integrate a complete test system for seamlessly testing the intelligent functionality in both simulation mode without the vehicle and real driving mode with the vehicle. ROTOTEST Energy easily connects with external simulation software with real-time performance to build such integrated system. Such integrated solutions are known as ViL (Vehicle-in-the-Loop) and often involves driving and traffic scenario to replicate real driving in traffic.

In short ROTOTEST systems gives you:
  • Open integration with other systems to support testing of intelligent functions such as automonous driving.
  • Unique functionality to support real steering with force feedback without any modification of the vehicle.
  • Simple connection with external simulation software with real-time performance to create a ViL system including traffic scenario to replicate real

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