The ROTOTEST Energy enables you to shorten your development time by testing your powertrain in a controlled lab environment.

ROTOTEST in Road-to-lab applications

One of the most important and challenging goals in the automotive industry is to shorten the development cycle. By achieving that, the development cost will be reduced as well as time to market which enables increased revenue stream as well as market share. Another challenge is increased complexity of new powertrains such as HEV.

A changing world

Not only do the OEMs have to handle disruptive technology changes but also production disturbances due to global sourcing schemes with changing trading status. While some see obstacles, others will see opportunities. If you have built your organisation and its capabilities to be flexible, change can be good. It can allow you to out-run your competitors and gain market shares or advantages.

Flexibility built-in

Rototest has been working in the powertrain testing field for more than three decades. In the last decade the focus has been to provide hub-coupled powertrain dynamometers with a flexibility to support the OEMs and the Tier 1s in pursuit of increasing the efficiency of their development and reducing costs. Moving for instance powertrain calibration into the lab (road-to-lab), can make huge cost and time savings as the testing environment becomes more stable with increased repeatability as a result.

Huge time-savings

Customers report that time savings of up to 80% are achievable by moving calibration manoeuvres from road testing into lab environment. Not only does the powertrain dynamometer offer ways to achieve huge time savings, it also has unique features such as a floating solution that does not require more than a hard, flat floor to be installed. As there are no horizontal forces acting on the vehicle during testing, full accelerations or emergency braking is of no issue and ensures a stable testing environment with an unmatched vehicle installation time of minutes rather hours or days.

In short ROTOTEST Systems gives you:
  • Ability to test high dynamic maneuvers such as WOT, gear shifting and hard braking
  • Simplicity in use, even for complex powertrains, thanks to an Integrated Vehicle model replicating real road driving.
  • Shorten your development time by testing the powertrain in a controlled lab environment.
  • Increase your test ability and flexibility by testing the powertrain in the lab with a state-of-the-art powertrain dynamometer.
  • Test advanced powertrain functions with high accuracy and repeatability will improve the vehicle development result.

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