General powertrain

The ROTOTEST Energy powertrain dynamometer sets a new benchmark with its time-optimizing and cost reducing qualities and provides you with an unprecedented versatility to equip you for the demands of tomorrow.


The ROTOTEST Energy powertrain dynamometer is an advanced four-quadrant dynamometer that connects to each drive wheel hub. The ROTOTEST Energy powertrain dynamometer has set a new benchmark with its time-optimizing and cost reducing qualities and thru its unprecedented versatility it is ready to meet the demands of tomorrow. The ROTOTEST dynamometer features loss-free, front-end mounted, torque transducers, high resolution speed sensors and quick, versatile and fast direct-coupling to the vehicle’s wheel hubs. The patented ROTOTEST dynamometer concept is used in numerous application areas including replication of high dynamic road maneuverers, ADAS applications as well as low dynamic testing including legislative driving cycles.

Future-proof flexibility

The ROTOTEST Energy series of dynamometers include entry level models designed for lower power and torque requirements up to high performance models for high dynamic testing with high power and torque demands. Thanks to built-in, time-optimizing features such as integrated vehicle model and quick vehicle set-ups valuable time can be focused on critical development tasks instead of time-consuming and tedious ones. The flexibility of the ROTOTEST Energy test system is the natural choice to overcome challenges in the design of new facilities, upgrade of existing ones or a move to new locations. The ROTOTEST Energy series’ wide range of models and options provide skilled engineers with the best solution to excel in their profession and to find new ways to exceed the expectations on tomorrow’s vehicles.

System description

The turn-key ROTOTEST Energy™ Powertrain Dynamometer System is delivered complete with dynamometer units, drives and main power supply cabinets (MPU), a control cabinet (SCU) with UPS, operator PC and real-time controller, and necessary cabling (excluding electrical installation cabling). The ROTOTEST Energy™ is designed for unbeatable performance to price ratio with the latest industrial electrical and control equipment. Rototest strategic partner ABB supplies the electrical equipment (electrical motors, drive system, etc.) and supports the electrical in-house installation, if necessary, through its world-wide network. All Rototest parts in the system are designed for maximal endurance and for minimal service requirements. The dynamometer is operated with the intuitive ROTOTEST DynoVision™ and measurement & reporting are conducted with the versatile and expandable ROTOTEST Datmon™. Both software applications are shared among all dynamometer models. Data values are displayed in real-time as analogue and digital values and sweep charts. Measurements are stored in an open, readily available format to allow customized analysis.


In short ROTOTEST systems give you
  • Flexibility to support a large range of applications in a single system
  • Future-proofing to secure your investment in both equipment and resources
  • Efficiency to reduce costs in both time and infra-structure
  • Simplicity in use, even for complex powertrains, thanks to an Integrated Vehicle model replicating real road driving.
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We know that every professional engineer has their own ideas and thoughts about the testing powertrains. These ideas and thoughts cannot be summarized in just a few lines. This goes for our flexible and versatile powertrains dynamometers as well. We are looking forward to discussing your particular testing challenges and how we can support you.

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