Integrated Vehicle Model

You can enjoy true road behaviour with high accuracy and repeatability using ROTOTEST Energy

Road-Correlated, Integrated Vehicle Model

When transferring from road to lab the physical movement of the vehicle must be simulated by a model as the vehicle remains stationary when in a dynamometer. For the development work to be effective the vehicle model must closely correlate to the behaviour of the vehicle when on road. This so that changes in for instance powertrain calibration reflects the same changes when vehicle is operated on road. If this is not possible it reduces the effectiveness of moving from the road as it may require re-calibration on road.


Rototest has spent a large amount of resources in correlating road manoeuvres with replicated manoeuvres in the ROTOTEST Energy dynamometer system. This to correlate the integrated vehicle model to the actual vehicle behaviour on road in order to ease and reduce the engineering resource cost for the customer’s when transitioning from road to lab testing.

Multiple degrees of freedom

The multiple degree of freedom, integrated vehicle model has a highly reduced number of parameters to set of which most are easily identifiable physical characteristics of the vehicle. The number of parameters has intentionally been kept as low as possible to allow quick and effortless setting of the vehicle to reduce engineering resources and save time. Even though the number of parameters is limited it supports advanced features such as wheel independent road condition settings through use of Pacejka Magic Formula, independent wheel steering angle to support 4-wheel steering, dynamic load transfer both longitudinal and lateral, and more.

External models

If the integrated vehicle models for some applications would not have enough fidelity to simulate a certain scenario or the model must be used in conjunction with multiple vehicle sensors such as lidars and radars, the ROTOTEST Energy system support use of external models running on real-time hardware through its many communication interfaces (See simulation ready for further details).

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