Intuitive User Interface

Quick parameter settings and an intuitive UI enables you to perform test efficiently and painlessly.

Easy and intuitive

Automotive engineers must handle a plethora of software user interfaces in their everyday work. Every new interface adds to the already daunting task and if it is not intuitive it makes work even harder with risk of operator error causing inaccurate results or discarding of tests altogether.

The ROTOTEST DynoVision user interface controlling the dynamometer system is designed by automotive engineers for automotive engineers to make it as easy and intuitive to operate as possible without limiting its functionality. Setup of a new vehicle usually does not take more than a couple of minutes and even less if it retrieved from the internal database from a previous set-up.

Supports multiple interfaces

Dynamometer measurement data is provided at high sampling rates through multiple electrical interfaces such as CAN and Ethernet for effortless real-time sampling together with for instance vehicle signals. The data can then be analysed in, for the automotive engineer, familiar calibration tool software which speeds up implementation and saves time and resources as re-training of new analysis software is not necessary.

For applications where customer have multiple sub-systems such as emissions systems and robotic drives controlled through an automation system, the DynoVision seamless connects to the automation system with standardized communication protocols to provide a well-known and comfortable operator user interface with maintained data storage procedures such as a central server.

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