Natural Steering

With the ROTOTEST Energy you can simulate true steering behaviour while in the dynamometer.

Natural Steering – Steering force feedback

The ROTOTEST Energy dynamometer has by design capabilities to allow steering to be conducted while driving. For applications where not only steering motion is needed, but also a natural steering feeling with realistic steering forces are desired, the dynamometer units can be equipped with an optional electrical servo system, the ROTOTEST Natural Steering system. This powerful yet compact and lightweight system provides an unprecedented natural steering motion on the vehicle’s wheels as well as its steering wheel and this without any modification of, or connection to, the test vehicle. Typical applications include automated driving such as Parking Assistance and ADAS Lane Keep Assist (LKA). The system is as standard supplied with a generic steering model but can be extended to allow higher model fidelity or even external control such as from external real time systems or HiLs.

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