Unified Test Equipment Platform

Built on one platform to enable greater flexibility.

Unified Test Equipment Platform

The ROTOTEST Energy models are build on a common platform, the Unified Test Equipment Platform, UTEP. This platform houses the measurement and vehicle connection system used for the dynamometer units. The platform includes several Rototest inventions, which of several has been granted patent or have patent applications pending.

One basic quality of the platform is it stability even under very high dynamic manoeuvres such as standing start of full braking. This is thanks to its being bolted to the vehicle and no horizontal forces is acting on the unit as it transfers the rotating torque to a vertical force through its frame.

Another feature of the platform is its automatic camber and wheelbase adjustment. Due to reaction forces in the powertrain in high torque application vehicle camber angle and wheelbase may change, the dynamometer with its pivoting functionality and floating installation automatically adjust for this not to induce forces in the vehicle’s bearings and suspension.

As the platform has a floating installation by design it can freely move with the steering angles of the vehicle (may be limited by the vehicle body work) and this even during operation. The steering capability feature has an increasing importance for ADAS applications.

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