EV / PHEV / HEV (Electrification)

The ROTOTEST Energy enables you to conduct demanding test with accurate result regardless of complexity of the powertrain.

ROTOTEST in Electrification applications

Electrification is one of the automotive industry’s megatrends that is thought to cause a disruptive change for the industry within the next years to come. With electrified vehicles the number of individually controlled propulsion sources increase, from traditional one, to two or more that can operate not only independent axles but also independent wheels. Additionally, electrification also means that recuperation is available which must be calibrated in combination with other vehicle systems such as brakes. From a test equipment standpoint, pure EVs (Electric Vehicles) poses a distinct challenge for traditional roller type dynamometers due to very high torque from low speed as well as common inability to measure wheel independently.

Designed for the future

The ROTOTEST Energy system is designed to efficiently support the shift to electrification and the challenges that the automotive engineer experiences. The system for instance supports independent road simulations on all wheels for applications such as torque vectoring calibration. Furthermore, it incorporates a wheel independent measurement system that easily and accurately measures power produced as well as absorbed by the vehicles. The ROTOTEST Energy is available in multiple models with different capacity of both power and torque ratings to suit a range of vehicles and applications.

In short ROTOTEST systems gives you:
  • Flexibility to test advanced powertrain functions, e.g. individual wheel control, torque distribution and vehicles with multiple power sources.
  • Sensitivity to finetune advanced energy management functions.
  • Ability to conduct high dynamic tests with fast and accurate response and to simulate true road behaviour including different road-to-tire grip conditions.
  • Efficiency to reduce cost in both time and infra-structure.

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