The foundation of our dynamometer solutions

Three decades of perfection

Many of the technologies that forms the basis of our dynamometer solutions are results of Swedish innovations. Many of which has been granted patent status internationally. The technologies are also what brings our dynamometers their unique characteristics – appreciated by so many automotive engineers over the years.

Unified Test Equipment Platform

Built on one platform to enable greater flexibility.

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Natural Steering

With the ROTOTEST Energy you can simulate true steering behaviour while in the dynamometer.

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Integrated Vehicle Model

You can enjoy true road behaviour with high accuracy and repeatability using ROTOTEST Energy.

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Simulation Environment Ready

The ROTOTEST Energy fully support integration with external simulation tools that you use in other phases of your development process.

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Expandable Test Modules

Thanks to expandable test modules you may extend functionality of your system at any time – future proofing your investment

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Intuitive User Interface

Quick parameter settings and an intuitive UI enables you to perform test efficiently and painlessly.

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