Powertrain Functional Testing

ROTOTEST Energy powertrain dynamometers allows you to validate any powertrain function in a safe and controlled environment.

ROTOTEST in Powertrain Functional Testing applications

Developing vehicles with complex powertrain puts high requirements on test and validation systems. The powertrain system consists of several sub systems that must be tested and validated as a complete system, yet each sub system must be analysed individually as well. ROTOTEST Energy powertrain dynamometers offer high accuracy and flexibility to perform such tests with the target to test and validate advanced powertrain functions and control units. Each wheel is controlled independently and by using an advanced and powerful vehicle model a realistic road behavior is simulated.

Optimized for you

Today’s powertrain development requires test systems with extremely sensitive measuring to fulfill the high demands from the design team. Also, the fact that ROTOTEST Energy powertrain dynamometers can reproduce a test with the same test conditions over and over again makes the final development result even more accurate. By using the innovative powertrain dynamometers from Rototest the testing time is optimized, meaning shorter development time and reduced cost.

In short ROTOTEST systems gives you:
  • Flexibility to test advanced powertrain functions, e.g. individual wheel control, torque distribution and vehicles with multiple power sources.
  • Fast vehicle setup time to maximize utilisation.
  • Simplicity in use, even on complex powertrains, thanks to Integrated Vehicle model that replicate real road driving.

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