Whether arctic or subtropical, our flexible climatic systems offer testing with the same ease as any other ROTOTEST system.

ROTOTEST in Climatic applications

A substantial cost saving feature of the ROTOTEST system is its above ground, floating installation meaning that it only requires a hard, flat floor to be installed. This gives huge cost saving in design and construction of the chamber used in climatic applications thanks to the elimination of the basement and ground works necessary normally associated with installation of traditional dynamometers of roller type.

The ROTOTEST dynamometer features loss-free, front-end mounted, torque transducers, high resolution speed sensors and quick, versatile and fast direct-coupling to the vehicle’s wheel hubs. The patented ROTOTEST dynamometer concept is used in numerous application areas including replication of high dynamic road maneuverers, ADAS applications as well as low dynamic testing including legislative driving cycles.

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